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At Steen Papier Schaar you will find handpicked, thoughtfully designed, and mainly Dutch products that make a difference. The perfect place for presents for yourself and loved ones. A shop in the front and a studio party in the back! An initiative by friends Lies de Vooght Jewelry and Fien ten Dam from KUT.Illustraties. Lies is known for her bold fine jewelry, and she loves to reuse your gold into a shiny new piece. Fien is known for her colorful character and her illustrations of the ‘KUT’ (vulva).

Lies and Fien met each other in cafe KEK in Delft, and six years later they run a shop and studio together. First Steen Papier Schaar was run by Veer from Veer.illustratie and Margo from Studio the Cube. Sadly these two power women moved away, but you can still find their amazing work in the shop! 

Curious about Lies and Fien? Read their stories below.

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Lies her 

As a designer and goldsmith I'm inspired by life, art and nature and my goal is to make quality, sustainable jewelry that people wear and cherish for at least a lifetime. In our studio+shop Steen Papier Schaar I create my fine jewelry, made out of solid silver, gold and gemstones, based on my own designs and I also do commissioned work. I love to create wedding rings and upcycle your own gold into a new piece! 

I hope I can add a little sparkle to your life with my jewelry and if you have any questions or you just want to say hi? I would love to hear from you!

Visit Lies her website to see her whole collection:


Do you want to make an appointment? Click below:

Lies de Vooght Jewelry


Hello! I am Fien and I illustrate vulvas. In the Netherlands, we swear a lot with the word vulva, or how we say it ‘KUT’. It is a word with a lot of negative associations.  I think that is sad because it is a magical part of a body. With my illustrations, I hope to make the word KUT more positive and make people think about what they are actually saying. I do this with a lot of colors and dry humor.

You can find my work in different shapes and sizes. Cards, posters, calendars, keychains, and stickers. To see my whole collection you can visit my website. If you wanna pick up an order in the shop you only have to click ‘Afhalen in winkel’ in my webshop. Then you are ready to pick up your order during our opening hours. 

Click below to visit the KUT webshop:

Do you want to contact Fien? Click below!

Fien KUT.illustraties

Come Visit us!

Verwersdijk 2

2611NH Delft

Opening Hours

Monday:        CLOSED

Tuesday:        CLOSED

Wednesday:  12.00 till 17.30

Tuesday:         12.00 till  17.30

Friday:            12.00 till 17.30

Saturday:        12.00 till 17.0       

Sunday:           CLOSED 

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